Pop-Up Stopper Professional

Pop-Up Stopper Professional 1.80

Blocks unwanted ads, notofications and pop-ups
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Panicware Inc.

Block pop-up windows in every browser in your operating system including AOL, Internet Explorer, Netscape, Opera, WMConnect, Firefox, etc. Optional sound and visual notifications are available for every instance of preventing a pop-up appearance. Cleaning document and browser history from addresses with adds is possible.

The only privacy product to block pop-up windows and clean tracking files in every browser on every Internet connection. No matter how you surf, you are protected. Pop-Up Stopper Professional blocks, or quickly closes, pop-up and pop-under ads in ALL browsers, including FireFox, AOL, MSN, Netscape, Internet Explorer, SBC Yahoo, WMConnect, Opera & more! Pop-Up Stopper Professional provides more efficient pop-up and pop-under blocking technology in an easy to use utility that can optionally update itself to download free updates to ad blocking technology. The more browsers you have on your system, the more Pop-Up Stopper Professional will do for you. Clean and manage cookies in every browser, from one simple utility. Remove browser history and cache and even clean index.dat files, even for separate AOL users and logins! Panicware's patent-pending XA technology blocks only pop-up ad windows and allows users to allow pop-up windows from specific web sites! Preserve bandwidth by stopping pop-up windows before they load! Play one of many fun sounds when a pop-up window is blocked. This product even blocks those new, annoying Messenger Service Spam windows. 30 day free trial - free tech support and an unconditional money back guarantee! Now with a new update server and direct link to Panicware Resource Center.

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